STAR Interview Question 02: What did you learn from the unsuccessful experience?

This question is base on your real story and you need to prepare it before telling with an interviewer. The story is the most important part of answering this question. It should be shorter than 90 seconds, but more importantly, it should give the interviewer a sense of the situation (S), the task (T), the actions you took (A), and the final result ®. The acronym is STAR. or details about how the STAR model works, please refer to our general introduction.

Let’s continue with this tough question you may meet in the interview.


Share an example of a time when you failed. What did you learn from the experience?


“In my last job, our CEO gave me a chance to interview and hire entry-level people for our team. I chose to hire someone who seemed to have a lot of potentials but also had some “red flags” or things that worried me. It ended up being a big mistake. They had a poor attitude and dragged the team down until my CEO had to fire them. I learned to be more careful and not rush my decisions and to speak with others on my team who have more experience if I’m unsure of something. I also realized how important each hiring decision is, which made me a better manager in the last couple of years of my career. Since then, I’ve hired 8 other people and never had a bad experience like this again. But it was a great lesson to learn early in my career.’’

Just tell us about your story :blush: