Postdoc in High-performance Optical Transmission Systems at Technical University of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark is inviting applicants to apply for a postdoctoral associate position in sustainable development. Applications are invited up to August 15, 2020.

Apply for the job at DTU Fotonik by completing the following form. High-capacity optical transmission of data has been a prerequisite for the Internet reaching its current omnipresence in people’s lives. As innovation in all aspects of society includes an ever-increasing level of connectivity, optical data transmission must continue to evolve rapidly. After an era where wavelength multiplexing has been a main driver in increasing data transmission, many researchers and system providers now believe that spatial multiplexing may be the next viable technology to continue this necessary increase of data transmission.

This postdoc (new postdoc scholarship positions) project, will investigate spatial multiplexing in the form of multi-core optical fibre used for long-haul data transmission. The project will target demonstration of record-breaking reach and data throughput in such a transmission system. The Postdoc project will be nested in the High-Speed Optical Communications group (HSOC) at the Technical University of Denmark (new Denmark scholarship positions) (DTU Fotonik). The HSOC group is engaged with research in optical communication technology at the highest international level. It is the expectation that this Postdoc project will become an integral part of many of the communication systems activities in the group. The project will have access to on-site state-of-the-art experimental facilities for which the Postdoc is expected to become one of the main super-users. This Postdoc position will target experimental and theoretical investigations of the topics below: Implementation of the system including component selection and validation. System level investigation of other advanced functionalities in optical communication systems. This could include optical signal processing, advanced modulation or coding schemes, compensation of optical nonlinearities or signal regeneration. The exact research activities will be continuously adapted to align with the international state of the art and the Postdoc candidate’s ideas and interests.

Candidates should have a PhD degree or equivalent. The successful candidate is expected to have experience and expertise in one or more of the following subjects: Good communication skills in English, both written and spoken. Applications and enclosures received after the deadline will not be considered.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply. DTU Fotonik has 210 employees with competences in optics and is one of the largest centers in the world based solely on research in photonics. Research is performed within quantum photonics, optical sensors, lasers, LEDs, photovoltaics, ultra-high speed optical transmission systems, bio-photonics, and nano-optics. Technology for people DTU develops technology for people. With our international elite research and study programmes, we are helping to create a better world and to solve the global challenges formulated in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Hans Christian rsted founded DTU in 1829 with a clear vision to develop and create value using science and engineering to benefit society. That vision lives on today. DTU has 11,500 students and 6,000 employees. We work in an international atmosphere and have an inclusive, evolving, and informal working environment. Our main campus is in Kgs. Lyngby north of Copenhagen and we have campuses in Roskilde and Ballerup and in Sisimiut in Greenland.
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